Welcome to Living Note Studio! 

Founded in 2009, we cater to all sorts of crazy and interesting ways of recording and producing music.

The studio lives on our obsession to pack as much sonic performance into as small a footprint as possible, so that we can focus on what matters most to us: Time for the Music.

When producing a track, the capability to get in there and do some real work makes a lot of difference, and you can only optimize the process so much...

...even if you do have the latest and greatest hard- and software and the most rad skillz ;-)

Each piece of music is a living thing, a creation, of its own, and we wish to honor that. We don't cut corners in production or have starry-eyed notions about anyone winning 5 grammys tomorrow, but what we do have is in-depth focus on real productions of real musicians, and long-term collaboration with independent producers.

So we built a studio like this that allows us to play a lot more. In addition to this, we have designed a mobile recording unit that is scheduled to go active sometime next year. This unit is designed to deliver studio-quality recording results in the field, and integrate seamlessly into a live setting with personal monitoring and FOH. 

This mobile recording unit is essentially the digital centerpiece of our studio, made road-worthy, and is designed with the independent producer in mind who wants to run around all day finding amazing music and recording it. Our job is to curate and design traditional analog recording equipment, and to maintain a studio that can receive and mix down tracks with uncompromising quality.

If you are a self-producing musician who can get pretty far cutting and mixing your own tracks but lack the certain weight and oomph of analog productions, we also gladly help you record additional tracks, and mix them down in the analog domain.


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