Welcome to Living Note Studio!

Living Note, as a Studio, is designed to provide old school analog machinery to producers who wish to incorporate crazy high levels of analog in their production process. To this end, the studio offers long-term contracts and licenses for qualified producers and engineers who wish to make this a part of their pipeline, and love working on these kinds of machines.

The studio and laboratory itself is the consequence of Lukas' rat-like obsession with blinking lights, knobs, switches, wires and the most interesting signal chains possible, and the eventual realization that by the time you've incorporated full-scale analog gear and expert engineers in both audio and technical fields, you have also very successfully blown your average independent artist's budget out the window, or your poor little combination audio/tech engineer ends up as a pile of smoldering ashes in a corner somewhere.

So we offer the analog equivalent of a Jetliner and Starship, and all souls on board accounted for (hopefully), but YOU need to be able to fly the airplane. Air maintenance crew has your back practically 24/7, but as for not crashing into the mountain - if you can't do inclement weather on full manual, chances are you might not be having so much fun. You will need to understand routing, bussing, gain staging and how to work around general analog sneezes and colds.

Long story short - if you are itching to get your fingers on real faders and EQs, analog dynamics and signal juice in general, don't mind processing loops and the time it takes to distill and recombine until it pulsates and shimmers, this may be your place of choice. Our ship's name is Blue Phoenix, and she has 48 channels of analog to work with - 24 on the Neumann N20 Transfer Console and 24 on the TL Audio M4 Vacuum Tube Mixer, fed by a 64 channel RME AVB network.

Fire to the mixers comes from Steinberg Cubase Pro, Ableton Live and Avid ProTools featuring a ton of plugins from Waves, Arturia, Native Instruments, Soundtoys, Spectrasonics, AmpliTube, EZDrummer, GRM, Melodyne, Lexicon, FabFilter, Brainworx and TC electronic. Mastering suite includes Izotope RX-8 and Ozone, Weiss DS and Wavelab Pro as well as a full blown Neve Portico II / Elysia Museq serving as your Main Deck Gun.

Just about every cent of our income goes directly to maintaining the studio and adding/designing more goodies so you may have a wish left open here or there. But for everything not within the signal chain, you can plug in to MixAnalog.com where you have access to a Fairchild, an Audio Destruction Unit, Blue Stripe 1179, everything Elysia and an ever-growing bee's nest of other amazing outboard.

Did we mention the Dual Optograph?

Lotsa Love,

Living Note Studio

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