Welcome to Living Note Studio!

Living Note, as a Studio, is designed to provide old school analog machinery to producers and indie labels who do not want to be part of the commercial armageddon the modern music market has become. Many artists and musicians sort of romantically dream back to the days when there was a long production schedule and real involvement with the music, but also spitefully remember selection procedures, shelving and the loss of the copyrights to their music.

Living Note Studio seeks and wishes to heal this gap and free you from these constraints - at least on a technical level, providing a safe space for musicians and producers to be themselves and work on their own music in their own way, on their own time, creating sort of a more musical temple like atmosphere than an actual industrial recording location and system, though it has the jet engine to function as one when needed.

The studio and laboratory itself is the consequence of Lukas' rat-like obsession with blinking lights, knobs, switches, wires and the most interesting signal chains possible, and the eventual realization that by the time you've incorporated full-scale analog gear and expert engineers in both audio and technical fields, you have also very successfully blown your average independent artist's budget out the window, or your poor little combination audio/tech engineer ends up as a pile of smoldering ashes in a corner somewhere.

So we offer you our Analog version of a Starship, and all souls on board accounted for (hopefully). Air maintenance crew has your back practically 24/7, but as for not crashing into the mountain - if you can't do inclement weather on full manual, chances are you might not be having so much fun.

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