Living Note is proud to have served on the design team for United Minorities' foray into pushing the envelope of passive filter systems, headed up by Metric Halo's prime gearhead for Germany, Stefan Bahr.

With custom just about everything throughout, long and exhaustive testing series and relay-switched, component-matched application, each frequency has its own dedicated circuit tuned to precisely resonate on the selected band of the spectrum.

The target was to achieve a passive equalizer that was nearly phase-stable and provide tons of what might euphemistically be called "passive gain", delivering what was termed a "frequency amplifier" that leaves the processed material exactly as it is, with only the selected frequency amplified or attenuated.

This is achieved among other things by using Zero-Ohm technology in the filter circuit, and a lot of breathtaking moments were had running tracks through the finished prototypes and managing to get even more sound, presence and definition out of productions that had officially been classified as "finalized" and distributed in the millions.

Designed to be a creative and musical equalizer as much as a transparent frequency shaper, the front panel relies on LED patterns and intuitive controls known from other more traditional passive filters to give the user an artistic approach to program equalization rather than further assisting them in going mental with numbers and values and nudge them to rely on their own ears and eyes.

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