PCB Design Service

 The PCB Lab offers design services to compliment the etching service to ensure the old ways of doing things are still alive and well, but with a modern day CAD backend that makes it Ultra-Fun™.

It's a magic that was often chucked in the age of mass production and shareholder value, but still lives on in factories like those of Manley and Moog, along with many guitar and effects manufacturers who have stuck to the old approaches to doing things. Frantone, anyone?

To Lukas' mind, there is nothing like being able to draw the first line on the artboard and work on it all the way to putting the last screw on the finished device, watching it all evolve.

We offer PCB design services for vintage recreations and restoration jobs, your own special projects, and that unique PCB that you just can't find anywhere else. We work mainly in the medium of 19" outboard and 500 series equipment, but every now and then the odd guitar effect, power supply and Hammond B-style critter also finds its way into the lab and ends up on a stick.

From Synth to Stompbox to Comp and EQ, send us a mail or use the contact form to inquire about making PCBs from original drawings or schematics, or photolithographic transfers of your favorite vintage effect or replacement card.


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