Living Note's Electronics Lab!

A childhood dream, the Electronics Lab offers everything you need to design and prototype devices. With a CAD suite, PCB lab, and prototyping and Measuring Table, it is well-equipped to approach varying design requirements within classical audio. Our specialty is analog, with Digital systems appearing more for things like MIDI controllers than building things like DACs, Interfaces and Digital Reverb and stuff.

With the dawn of the internet, a bunch of electronics engineers from back in the day got together and shared their knowledge on online forums like GroupDIY and DIYAudio, along with Gearslutz to name a few. And so, the community of strange and interesting creatures doing their little animal dances around the analog fascination and wonder grew into a pretty spectacular online DIY community, sharing everything from classical schematics to circuit board layouts and kits with complete build guides, in order to keep the spirit of true Analog from the 50s, 60s and 70s alive - if necessary, in the basement, beer in hand.

So here we are, with the electronics lab built into the main recording room to save overhead. Mainly, we are working on our own projects, but the PCB Lab is always open for you to accept PCB design and etching orders for anything you might come up with. We carefully curate design methodologies that were commonplace back then, with parts as replaceable and devices as solid and maintainable as it gets.

So, with no further ado, Häppy DIY from us over here at Living Note!

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