Lukas' Fave Dreamstate Logic Mix

Or one of them, at least :-) This one has a good stock of continuous floaty-spacey, it's got everything from Dimension Zero to Edge Of Eternity.
Certainly the kind of thing you'd find at the Chill-Out at Ozora, coming in alongside a bunch of others like Carbon Based Lifeforms, Tripswitch and Koan.

Klangschmiede Wildhaus, Toggenburg

Toggenburg in Switzerland has a long history of dealing in sound. Host to many concert events and smaller-scale highly refined choral and orchestral compositions, and of course Swiss traditional music with Yodling and Accordeon and One-String Bass.
Best enjoyed with a nice Cheese Fondue or a Bratwurst with Onion Sauce and Fries at the Sternen, a visit to the Klangschmiede in Wildhaus is a journey through the creation of sound, from the water-powered bell foundry to the cymatics and various instruments upstairs.

Bashar's take on Passion and Following the Flow

Here's the one Bashar video that lets you know the core stuff. Sums up basically everything that was explained in all the other workshops.  For those who don't know him, Bashar is a multidimensional channeled ET entity from a civilization called the Sassani. They hail from what we would understand to be several light years away in the direction of the Orion constellation, and about 300 years into our future.

Wilde Möhre Diddley Bow Workshop

Living Note Studio's Electronics Wing was proud to be the co-host of the Wilde Möhre Diddley Bow workshop. Nothing that is in any way tremendously spectacular until you hear Caffeinated Rock N' Roll and the like, the Diddley Bow is a one string guitar that makes use of all 6 pickup coil magnets to make a - if you build it right - not to be underestimated Electric One-String Guitar.

Paulo Costa - Berimbau

Paulo Costa made a demo recording for his song "Berimbau" at Living Note Studio the other day... still haven't gotten around to install the drums and run it through the master process bus - but it certainly makes a good video!

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