Klangschmiede Wildhaus, Toggenburg

Toggenburg in Switzerland has a long history of dealing in sound. Host to many concert events and smaller-scale highly refined choral and orchestral compositions, and of course Swiss traditional music with Yodling and Accordeon and One-String Bass.
Best enjoyed with a nice Cheese Fondue or a Bratwurst with Onion Sauce and Fries at the Sternen, a visit to the Klangschmiede in Wildhaus is a journey through the creation of sound, from the water-powered bell foundry to the cymatics and various instruments upstairs.

Wilde Möhre Diddley Bow Workshop

Living Note Studio's Electronics Wing was proud to be the co-host of the Wilde Möhre Diddley Bow workshop. Nothing that is in any way tremendously spectacular until you hear Caffeinated Rock N' Roll and the like, the Diddley Bow is a one string guitar that makes use of all 6 pickup coil magnets to make a - if you build it right - not to be underestimated Electric One-String Guitar.

Paulo Costa - Berimbau

Paulo Costa made a demo recording for his song "Berimbau" at Living Note Studio the other day... still haven't gotten around to install the drums and run it through the master process bus - but it certainly makes a good video!

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