Genuine Audio V475 Summing Amp

Genuine Audio, headed up by Sangeet in Berlin, brought in this little gem for interior PCB design.

Harkening back to the ever-rarer to find Neumann V475 transformer coupled summing amplifier that does what it says on the box, it has everything from the summing inputs, rec out, cue, and an input selector to compare and route different soundsources.

Originally it was going to go Mk5 with an added headphone amplifier and rail-splitting virtual ground, but the V475 became ever more rare and expensive, making further development of a summing box based on this vintage design untenable.

Still, however, it is in there among the great and cool stuff, and perhaps we might yet see Rev5 in our future.

For Neumann stuff, Volker Mayer [silent:arts] of 51XAudio is thankfully still around, and he will happily go Rammstein on whatever German Vintage dreams you may have.

Genuine also featured some other cool stuff - in the slideshow above you'll also see Sangeet's take on the classic 1290 preamplifier of Rupert Neve's with Lundahls and Carnhills.

There was also a version of the Pultec, a GSSL and a Discrete Class A Headphone Amplifier.

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