Lukas Meier a.k.a. Blue 03

Celtic, Pagan, Fantasy and Epic Psy-Chill stuff, along with Space Ambient, is what makes Lukas' world go round. House Technician of Living Note Studio and in charge of all things "Machine", he is the Engineering and Control Room rat that makes Blue Phoenix fly.

Licensed as a Makeup Artist for Theatre, Film and TV, with a special in 3DFX, Lukas discovered his love for the technological backend of productions.

Protector of All Things Analog would be an Understatement here :-)

Jonas Wolf Tobias Ganssauge

Tobias Ganssauge a.k.a. Jonas Wolf, born in Berlin, Germany.

Guitarist, Songwriter and Music Producer holding a Bachelor of Arts in Berlin, he is also a Music Teacher for Instrumental Music and Performance.

His Main Set of Instruments encompass Guitar, Whistling and Vocals.

Sangeet a.k.a. Andreas Pfeiffer

Hailing from the days of the original Berlin clubs from Far Out to Tresor to Turbine and Magnet, and later a resident at the Kit Kat, DJ and Producer Sangeet has an immensely colorful history of electronic dance music production.

Originally with a lot of productions released in the Goa and Techno genre, his career charted a course through the various locations that generally feature UV light and a powerful sound system, but not one to shun small and cozy locations like Beate Uwe, Else and Mensch Meier as well.

Lately he has been haunting Downtempo and Voodoohop, and we are very curious to see what he comes up with next :-)

Marcelo Da Paixâo-Souza

Coming up from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, Antonio Marcelo is frontliner of the band Danke Esu, operates from Living Note to Lichtenberg to Pirate Studios and the Live Performance and Recording Sector, and is primarilly involved in the genres of Reggae and Dub, and cares for the roots of Brazilian music that stem from the tradition of Yoruba.

From these roots he has been evolving his own unique sound for the past 6 years, from the all-so-important bass and rhythms to the unique and alternative ornamentations that define this distinct, and highly recognizable, musical style.

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