10 Hidden Fatures in RX Pro

Ah! Egad... RX is a great tool for restoration anyway, and anything that in-depths it helps.

Tape Machine

At-Length description of Tape Machines and their use in the modern digitally-based studio. What to expect and to get out of it in the framework, and possibly also what not to use it for.

How to Actually Use Saturation

Saturation. "This is not thick enough", or as Sauciers call it, the Beurre Maniée or Maizena Express of the studio. Various different devices have been made to create, and simulate, saturation, their basic foundations being in tube, tape and transformer saturation and then various discrete and not-so-discrete transistorized saturation circuits.

Voltage Processor!

Relax and have ye draft while Ralph Baumgartl flips you one on what a voltage processor is, what it does and how it incorporates into larger modular synthesizers.

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