Welcome to Living Note Studio!

Living Note is a Recording Studio and Music Electronics workshop located off the Omega-4 Relay on the fringe of the Terminus Systems where you can still get away with stuff you can't do anywhere else in Federation Space. Flying a ship called the Blue Phoenix, we seek areas that contain music unheard, waiting to be found by someone who still has the time in between mining runs to switch on the scanners somewhere out in deep space.
At your command is a full 24-channel Neumann Transfer Console and a Soundcraft Delta-200 clocked to random precision by engineer Lukas Meier, and flown by producer Marcelo Da Paixão-Souza. We feature full tube guitar amplification and Tech-21 Bass recording with various DIY gadgets and gizmos Lukas came across while foraging for parts in the wreck yards of bigger ships, along with a full set of microphones.
Master outputs can be mixed down to 1/4-inch magnetic tape on our NOS Revox A77 with Nichicon Fine Gold capacitors if desired.
Marcelo is always on the lookout for new and interesting music, while Lukas is combing the galaxy for all things vintage that he can build, and sometimes turn into a DIY project. Supported by the Electonics workshop, a PCB lab completes the look so that custom devices can be envisioned, designed and prototyped while in transit between planets.
Audio nerds and music visionaries alike are welcome, and if you rats can refrain from stealing the copper pots in the kitchen long enough to record a track, you will be well on the way to making something truly meaningful that blows everybody's mind.
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