Recording stuff right is super important, that much is understood. There is a lot you can do in terms of processing, but if your source material is sub-standard, you can't expect a world-class mix. At Living Note, we strive to combine the best of analog and digital worlds featuring pristine ADCs, Preamps and Tape Machines, to capture music from just about any angle you can.

The Studio is a two room facility with a capacity of 5 musicians in the recording room and 1 or 2 in the acoustically treated control room. A permanent installation featuring E-Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard and Percussion is always patched into the 24 channel input, so you can lay down a session 3 sheets to the wind, with personal monitoring for everyone.

Both rooms are KVM switched and video linked - you don't just have to trust the engineer, you will have your own workstation terminal and will be able to see, arm, record and edit tracks as if you were sitting at the console yourself.

Track by track recording is also available, and thanks to flat rates for recording and session times, you can mix and match studio work as you like - cutting tracks, editing, mixing, mastering, showing up with your favorite artist, making tape prints and seeing if you can out-gun us at making a cappuccino on the E61.

Just outline what you would like to do and let us know - most of these blocks fall within a flat day rate, which include 6 hours of studio time plus 2 hours preparation.


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