Welcome aboard the Blue Phoenix! Over the last 12 years, we have crunched our way up to 32 channels of analog mixing, 16 on the Neumann Console and 16 on the Soundcraft Delta, with plans for 8 more on each, totaling 48 tracks in analog once we go AVB.

This is a subgroup mix taken from up to 128 tracks digital coming from the DAW.

The setup is designed to be as flexible as possible, so that you can easily jump from activity to activity. It's pretty much what we consider to be an ideal studio workflow - to be able to record, edit and play intuitively, without having to switch everything around all the time. This is made possible by a 3-layer mixing system with parallel lanes and near-zero latency outboard monitoring.

This allows us to make a direct stereo cut of a band, mixed live through the Neumann plus SSL/Pultec master chain, into the Rupert Neve Transformer ADC and Tape Machine, while simultaneously capturing everything flat in 24 channels plus MIDI in the DAW.

For the digital setup, we have Cubase Pro and Ableton Live featuring a ton of plugins from Waves, Arturia, Native Instruments, Soundtoys, Spectrasonics, AmpliTube, EZDrummer, Melodyne, Lexicon, FabFilter, Brainworx and TC electronic.

Just about every cent of our income goes directly to maintaining the studio and adding/designing more goodies. For everything not within the signal chain, you can plug in to www.MixAnalog.com where you have access to a Fairchild, an elysia museq and a host of other amazing outboard.

Someday, we'll catch that laser pointer...


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