Marcelo Da Paixão-Souza

Coming up from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, Antonio Marcelo is frontliner of the band Danke Esu, operates his own little mini-studio out of Lichtenberg and is primarilly involved in the genres of Reggae and Dub, and cares for the roots of Brazilian music that stem from the tradition of Yoruba.

He has also been known to build trap beats and organize live performances, and is general fun to be around and with.

After a long stint as lead producer, he has now struck out to be an independent producer in his own right, and we celebrate 4 years of experimentation to understand the details of true analog production.

Jonas Wolf Tobias Ganssauge

From the Cold North of Germany where storms are not said to be storms until the sheep have no more curls, Jonas Wolf Tobias is a Musician, Producer and Music Teacher working independently in the singer-songwriter genre and various experimental and loop-based jams around Berlin.

An exacting engineer on the console, there is pretty much nothing you can throw at him in terms of instrumental/synth-based music production he can't handle.

At this point we are still looking to see if there's anyone who can out-class his in-depth and highly structured approach that can easily require a selection of craft beers and a chicken dinner or pasta tricolore to recover from.

Paul Behnam a.k.a. Pablo India

Originally from Paris, France, Pablo has been creating worlds of acousmatic, spheric and textured works of the electronic Avant-Garde, and has been involved with much soundtrack creation of late.

His chief domicile is his own production studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where he can patch and cut and splice together just about any soundform you need, and sculpt them every which way in GRM and other plugins you probably haven't even heard of.

His most recent coups d'état have been the original soundtrack of the film Hubris, compositions for projection art installations in a historic church in Venice, stop motion animation soundtracking and 24-speaker soundfield creation at the Acousmonium in Berlin.

BiniZion Ashenafi

Coming up, vertically, from Shashamene, Ethiopia, BiniZion has been involved in building Albums for many Roots, Reggae and Dub bands, and various other projects probably too numerous to name.

Living in Berlin and crashing his way through production schedules even when there was only 50€ and no apartment to live in, this is one producer who will happily illustrate the definition of "The Signal Must Arrive"

Active with GeezRoots Band, Joseph "Blue" Grant and a score of others, BiniZion is a talented musician on his own, a highly prolific album builder and producer, and a total joy to work with.

Sangeet a.k.a. Andreas Pfeiffer

Hailing from the days of the original Berlin clubs from Tresor to Turbine and Magnet, and later a resident at the Kit Kat, DJ and Producer Sangeet has an immensely colorful history of electronic dance music production.

Originally with a lot of productions released in the Goa and Techno genre, his career charted a course through the various locations that generally feature UV light and a powerful sound system, but not one to shun small and cozy locations like Beate Uwe, Else and Mensch Meier as well. Has been haunting Voodoohop of late.

Reborn into the Downtempo and Organic House family, he is also a certified communications engineer and works on the production line for some of the most high-resolution audio systems available.

Lukas Meier a.k.a. Blue Zero 3

Celtic, Pagan, Fantasy and Epic Psy-Chill stuff, along with Space Ambient, is what makes Lukas' world go round. House Technician of Living Note Studio and in charge of all things "Machine", he is the Engineering and Control Room rat that makes Blue Phoenix fly.

If you have anything that looks like Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Mark Knopfler, Omnia, Faun or Trad Irish and generally contains Guitars, Whistles, Harps, Hurdy Gurdy, Frame Drums and Atmospheric Pads, chances are you want this one.

Licensed as a Makeup Artist for Theatre, Film and TV, with a special in 3DFX, Lukas discovered his love for the technological backend of productions once he left school in Berlin, and now an avid PCB etch artist and CNC engineer.

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