Recording is the single most important aspect of getting a studio production working. Choice of microphones, amplifiers, position, orientation and phase along with recording medium all play in to capturing sound the way you like it. At Living Note, we combine the best of analog and digital worlds featuring both pristine ADCs and out Tape Machine.

Living Note Studio is a two room facility with a capacity of 3 and 2, totaling 5 musicians laying down a session at one time. Both rooms are KVM switched and video linked, with an engineer working each room so that all inputs are accounted for. Single room recording is possible as well at a capacity of 3 musicians.

This allows for E-Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals and Keyboard or Percussion to be recorded at once, so that a band can lay down their tracks within the live feel of an actual performance and have a solid foundation to work from later on. Track by track recording is also available, with musicians coming in to work on individual parts of a production. Thanks to flat rates for hourly recording and session times, you can mix and match studio work, recording tracks, mixing sessions and tape prints, all in one go.

Just outline what you would like to do and book a flat day rate, which includes 6 hours of studio time, and contains a setup configuration tailored to your production needs.

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