Welcome to Living Note Studio!

Living Note is a Music Electronics Laboratory and Mixdown Facility located off the Omega-4 Relay on the fringe of the Terminus Systems where you can still get away with stuff you can't do anywhere else in Federation Space. Flying a ship called the Blue Phoenix, we specialize in Analog Signal Processing, Electronics and Printed Circuit Board Design, and feature 48 channels of vacuum tube and solid-state mix and mastering capacity.

Our ship is equipped with a Telefunken-Neumann N20 and a TL Audio M4, clocked to random precision by engineer Lukas Meier, and flown by a myriad of producers living and working around Berlin. For recording we have tube guitar amplifiers by H&K, Tech-21 Bass recording, a set of microphones for every purpose and hard- and software synthesizers. You'll also find various gadgets and gizmos we came across while foraging for parts in the wreck yards of larger ships, last but not least a BBC Studer A810 Tape Machine.

Living Note Studio has always been, and always will be, driven by the specific desire to hook up your normal producer and indie musician with the processing power of major labels, without breaking the bank and hopefully all of us surviving in the process. As we are a studio and not a music production company or label - we function as the machine arm of labels and producers wishing to take their production abilities to the next level.

While the Music Making division is always on the lookout for new and interesting music, Engineering is combing the galaxy for all things vintage that can be built, refurbished and transformed, and sometimes turned into a DIY project.

Supported by an in-house PCB laboratory and an Electronics Workshop, custom devices can be envisioned, designed and prototyped while in transit between planets.

We cater, among other things, to the genres of World, Folk, Reggae, Roots, Ambient, Psychedelic & Dub along with Pagan, Celtic, Chillout and Deep House ...and of course experimental Electronica.

Audio Nerds and Music Visionaries alike are welcome, and if you think you might have fun flying a full analog setup, strap yourself in and fasten Das Seatbelt.

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