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Home and Lair of PCB Designer and Etch Artist Lukas Meier.


Located in Berlin, Germany, I have been designing and etching for the Audio DIY community for the past 10 years. If you like music electronics and enjoy building your own stuff, you're never alone around here. I went crazy about electronics and the arts as a kid, and etching was always a paramount fascination. A PCB is the key to a full-fledged device, and I love being able to take a schematic and turn it into a working unit.



I offer both design services and etching for projects that you want to build, with a deep emphasis on maintaining the kind of quality that was in regular use throughout the 20s and 30s vintage devices, all the way through into somewhere around the 80s, when corners began getting cut and the quality of PCB manufacture took a nose dive in the direction of volume, at the expense of the finished devices.


After, among other things, servicing a 90s 5.1 receiver and watching the thing basically disintegrate in my hands, I took highly refined copper, solid mechanical rivets and MIL-spec FR4 epoxy substrate, and made sure that my units would be solid quality right from the get go. I then opened my shop for all those other crazies who think like me about serious build quality and don't want to have to mess around with chemicals in their living room, and Livingnote was born. When you order a PCB, you are getting real high-quality, handcrafted work at industry standard pricing, accepting all formats that come in black and white, be that JPG, Vector or Bitmap.




With Best Regards,


Lukas Meier


Living Note Studio Berlin





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