Living Note

Welcome to Living Note, Studio & Electronics Workshop in Berlin.

Originally a studio geared towards session strings and live recording, it soon grew into a music electronics workshop, catering to music electronics designers around the world with printed circuit board and front panel design for high end audio.


The Studio has become more of a Fun Room, but we still offer a few specialties.

Lukas likes to record live for classical, celtic and world, as well as electronic ambient, Maja is a trained orchestral musician who learned her art in Dresden and Sangeet is a world-renowned producer and DJ in the electronic music scene, with a palette ranging from psychedelic trance to ambient, chill out and tech house.


Holy S*!3 That Sounds Amazing!

Studio electronics is fun, especially when it's working and not being a PITA. One of Lukas' joys is digging up old analog classics and bringing them to the 21st century utilizing the highest standards in build quality available. Excellent vintage circuits in handmade NASA-Level packaging.



Here you can find a collection of various electronics DIY projects, not exclusively limited to the field of Audio.